What is landscaping insurance?

Like many businesses, landscaping companies are exposed to risks that can lead to an accident or financial loss. A mistake while on a job site that causes third-party property damage or bodily injury; or the theft of your tools which can be quite costly. 

Landscaping Insurance will protect you and your business from the potential damages resulting from these risks. 

A few examples of common coverages for Landscaping Insurance include Commercial General Liability and tools and equipment coverage. 

Landscaping is a broad category that includes the following business types

  1. mowing and lawn care 
  2. grounds keeping 
  3. landscape design 
  4. irrigation system installation 
  5. arboriculture 
  6. hardscaping 
  7. and trimming 

Businesses that provide such services need insurance to protect themselves against lawsuits and damage to physical assets. So landscaping insurance helps such business people protect their assets, money, and company employees from these situations.

Does home insurance cover landscaping damage? 

Coverage for your landscaping is often limited to damage caused by certain losses, such as 

  •  fire
  • lightning
  • theft. 

What kind of coverages you’re going to need, and why your landscaping business needs to be covered sufficiently. 

So as a landscaper, if you have a landscaping company, you’re going to need the first and foremost coverage. You’re going to need to perform work, god forbid. You damage somebody’s property, or if somebody gets injured in your work area, it will be general liability insurance. 

Oxford Risk LLC business insurance we’re a full-service agency. So we try to find you the best coverage for the best price. So we’ll cover you for the general liability, which would cover the exposure while you’re performing work.

What coverages do landscaping professionals need? 

The insurance needs of landscape professionals vary from individual to individual. So We will walk you through all the policies that you need to cover your business one by one.

Business owner’s policy. 

The BOP combines general liability commercial property and business interruption insurance policies into one package. 

So Business owners’ policy is a must for small business owners to get a tailored fit solution to manage the risks.

So The following claims are covered under the business owner policy.

  • bodily injury 
  • property damage 
  • and employee dishonesty 

Commercial general liability insurance 

Commercial general liability insurance covers third-party bodily injury and property damage. Commercial general liability protects from client injury property damage and advertising injuries. 

So with the help of general liability insurance, you can protect your business against lawsuits that will probably bankrupt your business. 

Employment practices liability insurance 

This policy protects your company from covering legal expenses against lawsuits filed by your clients. Some of the issues that your contracting business can face are harassment and wrongful termination. 

We also have business interruption insurance because This insurance policy covers the loss of income in situations where you cannot run your business. Because of a covered loss, this policy will cover employee pay and any ongoing project factors affecting the business income policy’s eligibility, are the industry of the business location and previous claims.

Commercial umbrella insurance 

This policy provides coverages above the liability limit of primary policies. For instance, you incur a loss of four million dollars, and your general liability covers only two million dollars. So Umbrella insurance helps you pay for the remaining two million dollars.

Workers compensation insurance 

This policy helps your business cover any financial loss for work-related injury or illness. 

Worker’s compensation insurance covers claims for bodily injury wage replacement and employee death benefits. 

Commercial auto insurance 

It helps cover for damage to any vehicle that you or your employees use on the job claims that are covered. 

In commercial auto insurance is 

  • property damage
  • bodily injury
  • and vehicle damage. 

It is considered personal property. But business property insurance can help cover the losses and have commercial property insurance. 

It covers business assets such as building tools and equipment. Commercial property insurance helps repair or replace any tools and equipment and covers damages caused by fire theft. 

Contractual liability insurance

Any mistakes while doing your contractual work might put your business at risk and result in financial loss. 

Contractual liability insurance will help you cover the losses while doing your contractual work as a third party. The exclusions of landscaping insurance: this policy does not provide coverage for

  • Herbicide
  • pesticide application coverage
  • workmanship error coverage
  • And crime

Be sure to connect with our team if you’re interested in insurance for your landscaping business.