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Grange OnTrack App

By July 27, 2020April 9th, 2021Personal Insurance

You’re in control of how you drive every day, and Grange wants to reward you for your good driving. Our OnTrack car insurance program uses a mobile app to collect your driving data and help you qualify for an additional discount on your car insurance. Get OnTrack and start driving for a discount. By earning a score out of 100, you can see how safe you’re driving and where you can improve. You must be a current customer of Grange Insurance or Integrity Insurance to enroll in the OnTrack program and potentially earn a discount on your auto insurance policy. The OnTrack Program lets you take control of your insurance policy rate based on safe driving behavior.

What is OnTrack?

OnTrack is a telematics insurance program for Grange auto insurance customers. It allows you to take control of how much you’ll save on your car insurance based on your safe driving behavior, which is tracked through the OnTrack app on your smartphone.

How it works

The OnTrack app collects data for 90 days, monitoring your:

  • Total mileage (e.g., driving short distances, road trips)
  • Time of day (e.g., late night driving, rush hour)
  • Smoothness (e.g., hard braking, harsh acceleration)
  • Road type (e.g., highways, local roads)

Each factor is used to calculate a total score up to 100.

Then, when your Grange auto insurance policy renews, you can earn a discount based on your driving score over the 90-day period. Grange only uses the data collected to reward, or discount, you for good driving behavior, so you can stress less if you earn a lower score. In fact, most OnTrack drivers receive a discount when they renew their policy.

If you’re a new Grange auto insurance policyholder, you will also receive an automatic discount when you enroll in OnTrack. It’s free to participate. The only thing you need is a Grange auto insurance policy and a smartphone.


Anyone that enroll at new business will also receive the New Business OnTrack Participation discount until the next renewal. The discount will be removed if the app is not downloaded and registered. Most OnTrack drivers will receive the full discount at the next renewal after they complete the monitoring period. The score received will remain on all future renewals


Who can participate in the OnTrack program?

Any Grange customer can participate with a compatible smartphone as long as they complete and agree to the necessary verification and terms and conditions of the program within the app. Policies must have at least one auto with liability coverage. Ineligibility includes customers who:

  • Only have miscellaneous vehicles
  • Have a temporary permit or learner’s permit
  • Are non-rated or excluded
  • Are away at school without a vehicle


Not everyone on the policy must participate, each individual can decide whether they would like to participate or not. The discount is at a driver level and will be averaged out over all vehicles on the policy. If you are a new client with Grange, you are eligible to receive a discount.

There are no surcharges for poor driving behavior. However, if you were receiving an OnTrack New Business Enrollment discount for participating in the program, that will be removed after the first renewal. If the driver should receive no discount based on their driving, the OnTrack Earned discount will apply but will slowly be removed over several renewals.

Customers may opt out of the OnTrack program anytime during the first 45 days of the program. If receiving the New Business OnTrack discount it will be removed. There are no fees to participate. OnTrack data will not be used for claims purposed unless the customer gives permission, or a court order or subpoena is received.

Information provided by Grange. Visit their website or contact your agent for more information!