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Protect Your Condo with HO6 Insurance: What You Need to Know

By September 30, 2019April 9th, 2021Personal Insurance

Are you a happy owner of a condo? If so, are you aware that your condo needs protection just like a house would? It does because, without it, your condo could be left unprotected from several circumstances.

To protect yourself and your condo from multiple negative situations, you’ll need to purchase HO6 insurance. Not sure what HO6 insurance is or what it covers? Don’t worry, because we’re here to help.

Continue reading below for our full guide on HO6 insurance and how you can protect your condo property with it!

What is HO6 Insurance?

Let’s start by explaining the basics of what HO6 insurance is. HO6 insurance is neither homeowners’ insurance or renters’ insurance. It does, however, have similar elements to it.

HO6 insurance is condominium coverage. It doesn’t cover damages that happen to the exterior of your condo or to the surrounding area. It does cover damages to the interior of your condo and your personal belongings kept inside of it.

Any damages that occur and cause trouble to the exterior are covered under the policy or master policy. This means that the owner of the condominium complex is responsible for fixing these damages. Your HO6 insurance policy along with your master policy will keep your condo protected in its entirety.

What’s Covered?

Now, do take note that some things are covered while are things are not. You should be aware of what things are and aren’t covered in your HO6 policy before an event were to happen. This way there are no surprises thrown at you.

Here’s what you can expect to be covered under your policy.


If someone is hurt while in your condo, your liability coverage in your HO6 policy will protect you. You’ll be covered in regards to defense, court costs, and a settlement. This is something that although you may think you don’t need, you do.

An event as simple as a neighbor stopping by to grab some flour and slipping on your floors could cost you a big chunk of change if you’re not insured.

Physical Damage

When living in a condominium complex, your HOA policy most likely will have one of the following options: all in or bare walls. The all-in option will cover all original items that were built into your condo. The bare walls option will cover the structure of the condo along with the common areas.

Personal Property

No matter what type of HOA policy you have, you’ll need HO6 insurance for the protection of your personal property. Personal items to take into consideration include televisions, computers, and furniture.

Loss Assessment

If a claim filled exceeds your master policy’s limits, then loss assessment coverage will cover the remaining. For example, if damage to your condo occurs and your master policy doesn’t cover all of it, then loss assessment will pitch in and help pay for the remaining damages.

Loss of Use

In the event that something so drastic happens where your condo is no longer liveable, loss of use will come into play. Loss of use will compensate you for temporary living. How much you’re compensated depends on the amount that you set up with your policy.

Medical Payments

Medical payments to others coverage only covers injuries that happen to people who are injured in your condo but aren’t residing in your condo.

What’s Not Covered?

Condo insurance will not cover damages that are done intentionally, flood damage, earthquake damage, routine wear and tear, or nuclear hazards. Most policies will also not cover break-ins that happen or other damages that happen once you’ve left the condo vacant for more than a month. This is something to look into with your policy.

What Are My Options?

HO6 insurance isn’t just one simple policy. There are multiple options available to you. You can choose from several additional coverage options to create customized coverage that best suits you.


If you own a high-priced item that exceeds the limit of coverage on your policy, then you can opt for additional coverage on these items. An endorsement will ensure that your expensive item is covered. These type of items might include a piece of jewelry worth well over $15,000 or something similar.

Scheduled Endorsements

Scheduled endorsements cover one specific item that is of high value. Regular endorsements only cover a category of items. When looking to add scheduled endorsements onto your policy, you’ll need to take the specific item and have it appraised.

Refrigerated Items

When a power outage strikes, you’ll want to have coverage on all of your refrigerated items. Think about how many times a power outage hit and you were left to throw away all of your food inside your refrigerator. Add this option onto your HO6 policy and you won’t have to worry about digging in your pockets to replace your food.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of HO6 insurance depends on a couple of different factors. Your added-on options will affect the cost, as will your deductible, the age of the building, and even your location. The best way to determine what the cost of your condo insurance will be is to receive a free quote.

Getting Covered Today!

If you’re a condo owner and don’t already have HO6 insurance, it’s time to get covered today! Don’t wait around for something to happen with no policy to cover the damages. Life takes us by surprise sometimes, and it’s always best to be prepared for anything.

Get your insurance quote today to see how we can help you get onto the path of condo protection!